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Can Container Variety Seeds be Planted in the Ground

Can Container Variety Seeds be Planted in the Ground?

Can container variety seeds be planted in the ground? The short answer is YES.

Container seeds can be planted directly into the ground with excellent results. Proper potting mix, water, sun exposure, and fertilizer will get plants off to a healthy start. Since container seeds are curated to develop smaller, more compact plants in containers, gardeners find that the plants sometimes spread out and grow larger than they were expecting. While container seeds were developed to grow in pots, bags, and other containers, with a little boost, they can thrive in larger gardens.  

If you opt to plant container variety seeds in your garden (whether directly in the soil or transplanting), make sure you start with an organic potting mix for nutrients and drainage. This is especially important when the soil is dense and heavy, like the clay soil in our region. Consider doing a little research for plants that grow well together and add them to your garden to enhance the health of all the plants.

Sometimes container seeds, with proper soil, water, sun, and fertilizer, seem to joyfully outgrow their containers rather quickly. At this point, gardeners must decide whether to transplant these vegetables, herbs, and flowers into larger containers or add them to a garden. By adding container plants to a garden, be sure to amend the soil so that it contains the same nutrients that started the plant on its happy growth spurt. As the roots expand, the plants grow quickly and may seem “leggy” as they shoot out new stems and leaves.

Another option for planting container seeds is to plant the container itself, with the plant still in the container, to somewhat contain the spread of the roots. But count on root spread through the drainage holes in the container or biodegrading of a cloth or paper container.  

Many gardeners do a version of container gardening by starting plants in grow pots, which leaves the option of transplanting container plants in pots and grow bags, or in the garden. Container vegetables, herbs, and flowers need less weeding and pest control, but their roots get hotter (or colder) than if they were in the ground. They also may need to be watered more frequently. Check with the pros at Rohrer Seeds for soil boosters and mulch toppers that will help retain water in container plants.

Container variety seeds allow for many options from patio plants and hanging baskets to robust grow bags and in-ground planting. With proper planting mixes, sun, water, and nutrients, container gardening is the perfect way to grow the food you eat and the flowers you love.

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