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4 Gardening Tools Every Green Thumb Needs

4 Gardening Tools Every Green Thumb Needs

When it comes to maintaining your garden, care will be much easier when you are equipped with the proper tools for the job! The right pair of gardening gloves and the help of our favorite tools can aid in the comfort and overall efficiency of your gardening experience.

Gardening Gloves

Choosing the correct pair of gloves can make a big difference in your gardening experience. It is important to keep in mind that various styles of gloves have different intended uses. Traditional gardening gloves are made of waterproof material and have rubber coated palms and fingers for flexibility and grip. These gloves are great for general gardening tasks including planting and weeding. When pruning shrubs or handling sharp thorns, you may want a long sleeve puncture proof garden glove. This style glove will keep your hands and forearms safe from thorns & scratches. To prevent blisters when operating equipment or using heavier tools, consider a more durable glove material such as leather.

Skidger Weeder

Weeding is typically one of the most dis-liked tasks when it comes to gardening. Thankfully weeding can be more manageable with the help of the Skidger weeder. Its pointed edges are sharpened on both the inside and the outer edge to allow for pushing and pulling motion, clearing weeds quickly and easily. The Skidger is available in both a hand-held and long handled design based on your specific need. This product is especially helpful in your garden when clearing weeds between rows and individual plants. The Skidger is a must-have tool for keeping your garden and flowerbeds free from weeds! Skidger weeders are now available in our retail store!

Harvest Baskets

Harvest baskets are also extremely helpful when your garden starts yielding tasty produce. They allow you to maximize your trip to the garden and effectively transport the harvest. There are many different types of harvest baskets. Some offer flexible structure and handles, allowing you to easily carry it with one hand. Check out our retail store for current available styles. If looking to use something around the house, a bucket or crate can be an effective alternative.

Pruning Shears

A pair of pruning shears is another great tool to keep on hand. This tool gives a clean cut on green stems without damaging the desired portion of the plant. Pruning your garden not only benefits your garden’s visual appearance, but also can aid in overall health and production. Deadheading flowers can help encourage beautiful blooms for longer in the season. A pair of pruning shears can help keep new blooms coming and your garden looking its very best!

If interested in learning more about our favorite gardening tools and techniques, please reach out to us through social media, or send us an email at info@rohrerseeds.com!

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