Wildlife Chicory/clover Mixture


Wildlife Chicory/Clover Mixture can be seeded in the Spring or Fall, or Frost Seeded. For optimum growth, persistence, and maturity soils should have a pH of 5.8 or higher and nutrient levels should be adjusted to soil tests results.

Wildlife Chicory/Clover Mixture is made up of 100% improved varieties selected under intense grazing. Wildlife Chicory/Clover Mixture is a combination of both perennial legumes and chicory formulated to produce high protein content in deer food plots all season long. Both Redlan Max Red Clover and Hunt Club? Brand White Clover were selected for persistence as well as high stolon counts. Plot Enhancer? Brand Chicory provides continuous feed in the dry summer months due to its tap root system.

Sow Wildlife Chicory/Clover Mixture at 12 pound per acre.