Wildlife Brassica Mixture


Wildlife Brassica Mixture should be planted between June and September, but for optimum maturity plant 10-12 weeks before first frost. Prior to planting take a soil test and adjust the soil for nutrients and pH. The bulb producing plants will open the soil for an early spring perennial Wildlife Perfect seeding.

Wildlife Brassica Mixture is made up of 100% improved Brassicas! Formulated to be late season deer food plots since the leafy area will tend to taste bitter until the first or second heavy frost. After the frost, the leafy area becomes sweet in taste and very desirable to the animal. Once the animal finds the Brassicas, they will consume the leafy area, which will stay palatable until early winter, then graze the bulbs of the plants. Brassicas are very high in both protein and carbohydrates, which are the two leading factors for increased body weight and prolonging stamina to help the animal through the rutting season as well as the hard winter months.

Sow the Wildlife Brassica Mixture at 5 pounds per acre.