Village Crest Farm, Blue Oyster Mushroom Kit

Village Crest Farm

Custom produced by a small farm right here in Lancaster County, PA! 

Mushroom growing is the perfect, easy summer project for kids and a great way to add some flavor to your dinner with something homegrown! 


Step 1: Cutting the Slit
Take a clean knife and make one long slit across the broad side of the block. It's okay if the knife tip scratches into the block as you make the cut. 

Step 2: Folding Over
Fold the top of the bag down around the side you didn't cut and place the block slit side up in a clear plastic box or aquarium, keeping the lid ajar for the mushrooms to get some air.

If you don't have a box or aquarium available, you can cover the block with a clear plastic bag as long as you poke some holes in it. The goal is to keep the humidity high. 

Step 3: Keeping it Moist
Very important- mist the block with a few good sprays of water twice daily with a spray bottle.
Place in a room that gets some indirect light, about 68 degrees is ideal, but it will fruit at lower or higher temperatures.  Avoid hot, dry, and very bright areas- mushrooms are not fans of hot, dry weather. 

Step 4: Ready to Harvest

Harvest when caps have grown from little babies into broad flat caps that are becoming thin at the edges. If the edges of the caps are turning up like they want to go inside out, they are starting to over-mature. They start to get more firm if over-mature, but are still usable.

Hold the cluster of mushrooms at the base and twist or push the whole thing sideways until it comes loose. Trim and discard the growing media clinging to the bottom. Store your mushrooms in the fridge or use immediately.  Your mushroom kit will yield about 1.5lbs of mushrooms total – if conditions are excellent, possibly more!

From the time of making the slit, the first crop will begin to form in about 10 days, a second crop will follow about 2 weeks after that, and possibly a third crop two weeks after that.  Then it is finished and can be composted by cutting the bag off and placing outside—the outdoor air and rain will sometimes cause a bonus crop. 



For best flavor, tear your mushrooms into strips instead of cutting. (When you cut and chop mushrooms you are losing flavor and aroma to the air).  Pan fry in plenty of butter until nice and golden brown. If you have family members who haven't discovered the yumminess of mushrooms yet, just keep frying until your mushrooms are crispy like french fries – even the pickiest eaters seem to like them this way!
Use with fried eggs, pizza, soup, casseroles, burgers, steak or in spaghetti sauce.