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Tecomate Wicked Greens (4.75 lb)

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Winter Grains, Brassicas and Clovers Great for a bow hunting food plot, extreme late season attraction.

Plants 11,000 sq. ft. = 1/4 acre Formulated for primarily colder climates, Wicked Greens yields maximum forage for extreme late season attraction. This special Wicked Greens blend is a fast-growing, highly attractive annual mix for fall hunting plots. The highly preferred brassicas in this mix will provide sensational forage and bulb-producing tonnage. High-protein clover is present to help provide critical nutrition during late season, which help bucks “rebound” quickly after the rut. The key components are the winter grains, which have been selected to produce both a highly attractive forage and provide high tonnage. These winter grain varieties have been specifically selected for preference, cold tolerance, and maximum forage production. We don’t call these Wicked Greens for nothing. Each seed type and variety has been specifically selected so you can get “Wicked” on that big buck this fall.

  • Requires minimal prep/ throw & watch it grow
  • Winter grain varieties selected for high preference & cold tolerance
  • High protein clover provides extreme late season nutrition
  • Helps bucks rebound after the rut
  • Excellent for bow hunting and hard to reach spots
  • Fast growth & high volume production
  • Formulated for colder climates
  • Works great in warmer climates also

Contents: cereal grains, brassicas, white clover seed

Recommended Planting Times:  All climates: fall only

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