Tecomate Ultra Forage

Tecomate Wildlife Systems

Tecomate® Ultra Forage is the best broadleaf blend on the market today. Specially selected brassicas yield extremely fast-growing forage and preferred bulbs that peak during hunting season. Tecomate® “World Famous” chicory and choice clovers complete this mix by providing late winter into spring nutrition, making it the premier three season hunting plot blend. A preferred blend that works great in northern and southern climates. Performs best where frost coincides with hunting season and can withstand heavy grazing pressure. Super attraction for both deer and turkey.
  • Protein content: 22% to 26%
  • Ideal for any size high-use plot
  • Can be added to other blends for maximum usage
  • Coated & pre-inoculated clover & chicory seeds

Contents: select brassicas, clovers, chicory seed

Planting Time: all climates: fall only

Seeding Rate:

9 lbs. plants 1 acre
25 lbs. plants 2 1/2 acres

Planting Depth: 1/8 to 1/4 inch