Tecomate Shake & Rake (4.5 lb)

Tecomate Wildlife Systems

For Deep Woods Attraction  

Have the best hunting season ever with food plots right near your tree stand! Shake & Rake provides the best forage for deep woods attraction. By using minimal low-tech tillage and planting techniques, anyone can grow a food plot in small, shaded woodland areas.

Consisting of premium brassicas, hardy clovers and high sugar grasses, Shake & Rake will aggressively germinate and grow anywhere and in any condition while withstanding early grazing pressure. So simple, just throw and grow. Excellent for bow hunting! Deer love it!

  • Rough it up, shake it out, rake it in, watch it grow
  • Quick germination & fast growth anywhere
  • Grows well in shaded areas
  • Draws deer close in tight cover
  • The choice of serious bow hunters
  • Withstands heavy grazing pressure

Content: High sugar grasses, brassicas, clover seed

Planting Time:  All climates: fall only

Seeding Rate: 4.5 lbs. plants 5000 Sq. Ft. (The Size of a Basketball Court)

Planting Depth: 1/8 inch