TDI Microgreens Growing Mat (3 Pk)

Tierra-Derco International LLC

  • Natural hemp fiber - Haxnicks Microgreens Growing Mats are made from 100% sustainable, natural hemp fiber. These modern growing mats are all-natural, plastic-free, biodegradable, and compostable. A great plant gift for both beginners and seasoned growers.
  • Grow many microgreens - Our microgreens growing mats can be used for broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, salad greens, chard, and more. Microgreens are edible tiny, immature plants. They have a higher percentage of nutrients than their mature versions.
  • Simple installation - Easily cut the mats to fit most growing trays. They are designed to fit the Haxnicks Bamboo Seed Tray, sold separately (50-1466). Growing microgreens requires very little space and equipment, which is perfect for urban gardening.
  • Easily clean your greens - By using a growing mat instead of planting in soil, the roots are clean so you can quickly wash your microgreens. From sprouting seeds to your plate in just a few weeks, so they are satisfyingly quick to grow.
  • What’s included - 3 microgreens growing mats. Each mat is 13 inches long and 7.1 inches wide (13” l x 7.1” w).