Scarlet Sunrise Bicolor Grape Tomato (M - Bulk)

Rohrer Seeds

Red and yellow crack-resistant fruit with sweet intense flavor. High yielding, indeterminate plants.

(NEW for 2020) The Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station tomato breeding team that developed the ‘Rutgers 250’ tomato, has created a new and unique bicolor grape tomato. Developed by traditional (non-GMO) plant breeding methods, this cultivar has firm, crack-resistant red/yellow fruit. And, in tribute to New Jersey’s legacy of tasty tomatoes, the breeding program’s emphasis on flavor is depicted in this tomato, with an intense sweet flavor balanced by moderate acidity. The indeterminate plants are high yielding, with mid-late season fruit maturity. ‘Scarlet Sunrise’ is open-pollinated; 70 days to maturity.