Purple Karma Barley


Baker Creek Seed Packet

This ancient grain from Tibet has been having a remarkable resurgence in popularity, as it has been recognized as a supremely nutritious and exceptionally tasty hulless heirloom barley. In 1924, an American collected this purple barley in Tibet and brought it back to the U.S., where the seeds were stored at the USDA seed repository for nearly 100 years. Victoria and Tom Blake, two professors at the University of Montana, told Pat Hayes of Oregon State University about an amazing purple barley in the seed bank, which they called Purple Karma. Hayes plucked this remarkable variety from obscurity and was floored with its delicious nutty flavor. Since then, this purple tinged, awned barley variety has gained a cult following among foodies and farmers alike. 90 days to maturity. (approx. 250 seeds/pkt)

MFG Part Number: GS122