Profit Orchardgrass


A seeding rate of 12 lbs per acre for 100% Profit pasture is recommended. Seed with other grasses at the rate of 5-6 lbs per acre. Plant with white clover, alfalfa, tetraploid perennial, and other appropriate grazing grasses. An application of Nitrogen, 25-30 units/acre 4-6 weeks after sowing promotes tillering without damage to the young stand. Once established, Profit should be grazed or cut leaving a 3-4? residual.

Profit orchardgrass is a late-maturing orchardgrass bred primarily for forage production. This means farmers should see very impressive dry matter production resulting in increased profits.

Profit can be use for hay applications as well as in beef, dairy and other production livestock pastures.

¥ Orchardgrass Hay Produciton: Plant Profit for a high tonnage high crop.

¥ Aging Alfalfa Stand: Plant Profit to extend stand longevity.

Establishment & Management:

Plant in early Autumn or in the Spring in a prepared, firm seedbed, seeding with a Brillion-type seeder, or by broadcast and cultipack. A planting depth of 1/8-1/4 inch is best. No-till is only recommended when an herbicide is used to sufficiently kill or retard the existing stand. A minimum pH of 6.0 is best.