Preval Meadow Fescue


New fields/pasture: 35-45 lbs./acre as pure stand; 10-15 lbs./acre with other grasses; 35-45 lbs./acre with legumes. With new alfalfa seeding: 2-3 lbs/acre. Renovating/Overseeding existing fields/pastures: ~ Pastures: 30-40 lbs/acre. ~ Alfalfa Hay Field: 5-7 lbs/acre.

Preval is a great "new" grass to use in the northern USA. Meadow fescue comes mainly from northern Europe and mountainous regions of southern Europe and was introduced to the United States and Canada in the early 1800's. Meadow fescue works well in MIG (managed intensive grazing) situations and is a good choice for hay production where "winter kill" is an issue.

Preval meadow fescue (Festuca pratensis Huds) was developed from ecotypes from Switzerland and France. Preval combines good forage yield with improved resistance to diseases. Preval exhibits good winter hardiness and summer production. Preval will produce long, wide leaves making it an excellent choice for haying or pasture.