Mochi Awan Millet (Pkt)


Baker Creek Seed Packet

A historic Japanese grain, highly coveted by the indigenous Ainu people of Japan. This “glutinous” foxtail millet has the sticky texture of glutinous rice but is in fact a gluten-free grain. The Ainu traditionally cultivated this millet, which they called ‘Munciro’, in small plots. The grains were harvested with an ear-picking tool made from a freshwater pearl oyster shell. ‘Munchiro sayo’ or millet soup is still a popular Ainu recipe. It is said that Japanese foxtail millet has larger ears than other varieties. Overall in Japan, cultivation of this grain is declining and now mainly takes place in the Iwate prefecture. Mochi-awa is added to everything from rice blends to pastries for its chewy texture and impressive nutritional profile; millet contains contains lots magnesium and calcium, twice as much vitamin B1 and B2 as rice, and lots of fiber. (approx. 200 seeds/pkt)

MFG Part Number: GS116