Jumbo Ii Ladino Clover Coated


Jumbo II is an excellent compliment to grass swards. When planting, one should aim for a stand of 1/3 clover to 2/3 grass. To accomplish this, the recommended planting is approximately 5 pounds of coated clover seed to 25 pounds of grass seed. In this ratio, Jumbo II can fix 60 plus pounds of nitrogen per acre per year. In pure stands, nitrogen fixing by Jumbo II has exceeded 143 pounds per acre per year.

Jumbo II Ladino white comes from a selections of Jumbo plus additional parentage to give it superior tiller density and disease resistance. Jumbo II is an aggressive tillering white clover that was bred and selected for the US market. Its aggressive tillering provides a dense canopy of forage. Although some leaf size was sacrificed to get the denser tillers, research has shown that the largest leaf clovers are not consistently the highest yielders of dry matter.

All legumes prefer pH levels in the low 6's. Jumbo II has shown that in many cases, it will do well in the low to mid 5 pH range. Jumbo II needs to be inoculated at planting for maximum nitrogen fixation. Coated seed is also recommended as it provides excellent rhizobia counts and aids the seedling clover in establishment.