Hyr Brix Buck Stampede


7-9-7 +Ca7+S9 HyR BRIX¨ Buck Stampede Food Plot Fertilizer is everything you need in one product to address soil deficiencies. The calcium, micro-nutrients, and minerals in Buck Stampede are essential for maximizing nutrition and protein in forages.

50 lbs. = 2,500 ft.

Benefits of applying HyR BRIX¨ Buck Stampede Food Plot Fertilizer:

Nutritional Benefits:

¥ Optimizes forage growth, quality, and hardiness.

¥ Increases nutrient density.

¥ Enhances herd health.

Taste Benefits:

¥ Due to minerals incorporated in our fertilizer, the forages taste sweeter.

¥ Wildlife will return to forages that taste better.

Wildlife "Stay Factor":

¥ Deer are attracted by the mineral content and taste in our fertilizer and will "stay" in areas where forages have been fertilized with our balanced nutrients.

¥ By putting minerals into forages they are less likely to leach.

Disease Resistance & Insect Repellant:

¥ Forages that have optimal nutrients will resist disease.

¥ Insects are drawn to sick and decaying plants. Forages that have optimal health do not attract as many insects.

Maximizing Wildlife Potential:

¥ Helps wildlife feeding on plots to achieve their full genetic expression.

¥ Bucks will excel in antler development.

¥ Improves quality of milk production resulting in a healthier offspring.

How to Apply:

New Food Plots: For best results broadcast and incorporate recommended rate into soil prior to planting. If you cannot incorporate into the soil, apply half the rate before you plant and the second half when new plants are 2-3 inches tall.

Existing Food Plots: Broadcast recommended rate into established plot late summer or early fall (August- September). Only one application required per year.

MFG Part Number: RS-BS-50