FL Chelated Iron 6% Eddha (4 Lb)


•    A water soluble chelated iron for use on Alkaline soils, especially soils with a pH above 7.
•    Use to prevent and correct Chlorosis.
•    Apply in the Spring as a preventative or as needed through-out the season.
•    Use on trees, shrubs, ornamentals, flowers and vegetables.
•    Mix with water and pour under the plant you want and water in.
•    Not designed to be sprayed
•    Use Chelated Liquid Iron for soils with a pH below 6.0 and are low in Calcium.
•    The Liquid Iron can be absorbed through the leaf
Always Water After Application!

CONTAINS: 6% Chelated Iron
Derived from: Ferric ethylenediamine (FeEDDHA)

Always Read and Follow Label Directions