Feast Ii Italian Ryegrass


New fields/pasture: 30-45 lbs/acre (tetraploid seed is about twice the size of diploid seed, thus requiring higher seeding rates). Renovation/overseeding existing fields/pastures: 20-30 lbs/acre pastures; 3-5 lbs/acre alfalfa hay field Use with Legumes: Legumes, such as clover, can be added at 1-2 lbs/acre.

Feast II tetraploid ryegrass was bred primarily for grazing. It is short-lived, but extremely productive. It is a profuse tillering, quick-growing variety with practically no re-heading. After the seed head is removed, it immediately resumes vegetative growth, providing higher quality throughout the summer. Annual Forage Quality Data

Feast II is less sensitive to drought and heat than many diploid ryegrass varieties. In addition, tetraploids, like Feast II, have four sets of chromosomes, resulting in wider leaves and larger cells. These large tetraploid cells compared to smaller diploid (two sets of chromosomes) cells have a higher ratio of cell contents versus cell walls. This means very impressive milk and meat gains!