Dwarf Wildflower Mix (Pkt)


Lake Valley Seed Packet

(Annual/Perennial) Create your own wildflower meadow with this mixture of low-growing (1-4′) flowers native to and naturalized in North America. Blossoms begin in about 45 days and will continue for several seasons in optimal site conditions. (A packet plants up to 35 square feet)

Mix Contains: 15% Cynoglossum Amabile, 15% Iberis Umbellata, 15% Linum Grandiflorum Rubrum, 12% Gypsophila Elegans, 11% Nemophila Maculata, plus 32% of the following mix (none over 5%) Dimorphatheca Aurantiaca, Eschscholzia Californica, Gilia Tricolor, and Iberis Amara, Papaver Rhoeas, Phacelia Campanularia, Clarkia Amoena, Linaria Maroccana, Silene Armeria, Coreopis Tinctoia and Lobularia Maritima.

MFG Part Number: 1682