Duo Festulolium


Plant Duo at 25-30 lbs per acre or 15-20 lbs mixed with other grasses and legumes. If seeding Duo with alfalfa in a new seeding (where alfalfa is predominant) plant no more than 3 lbs per acre. Plant at 1/4 deep. Duo can also be frost seeded. Duo reacts well to nitrogen, like its ryegrass parentage. Before planting your pasture, test your soil to add lime and fertilizer as needed. Typically 150 lbs of N. per year is adequate. Apply 1/3 in the spring and then evenly after each harvest.

Duo Festulolium is like ryegrass, but better! It combines the quick establishment, high feed value, production, and palatability of perennial tetraploid ryegrass with the extra persistence and summer productivity of meadow fescue. Duo has a high sugar content that is easily digestible, allowing animals to gain a high-energy ratio for milk/meat conversion.

Duos meadow fescue parentage provides improved persistence without quality loss. As a true perennial, Duo is genetically designed for multiple years of production. Initial trial results show Duo outperforming many other species in yield trials. Meadow fescue parentage minimizes summer slump, while ryegrass parentage maximizes spring and fall growth.

Duo is preferred over many other species because its long, tender leaves are sweet like ryegrass. Duo provides high yields for many years. Dairy farmers should expect milk production results similar to tetraploid ryegrass.