Bee Grass Plus Seed Mix — Pollinator Friendly (1 Lb)

Rohrer Seeds

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This mix is specially formulated with pollinators in mind! *Free shipping too!

Use Bee Grass Plus in a small bed in your yard or garden, or in any area you don't want to mow! With a mix of creeping and chewing fescues, two types of clover, and alfalfa, Bee Grass Plus is a simple, maintenance-free way of attracting more pollinators to your yard or garden.

Fall is the perfect time for planting Bee Grass with success. Plant this mix in your lawn to create bee friendly turf, or between vegetable rows or flowers. A bee-friendly lawn (or patch of bee-friendly turf) needs minimal mowing, filters rainwater, is drought-resistant, and provides food and shelter for much-desired pollinators. In the garden, this pollinator supporting seed mix will help suppress weeds, prevent soil erosion and add nutrients back into the soil. Even a corner of your garden or yard planted with pollinator grasses and flowers provides many ecological benefits!

According to Penn State Extension Services, adding bee-friendly lawn to parts of your property provides many benefits, including:

  • Natural pollination
  • Less watering
  • Stronger plants
  • Added native flowers
  • Eco-education
  • Less mowing

Rohrer Seeds cares about our local honey bee and pollinator populations! So with every bag of this product we sell, we will donate $1 to the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association.

Coverage: 1 pound of Bee Grass Plus Seed Mix covers 230 square feet

*Free shipping applies to the Bee Grass Plus Seed Mix (1 Lb) product only. Limited time offer.