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6 Popular Crops for Home Gardens

Apr 17, '20

Here are some great crops that thrive in Lancaster’s climate and soil: Spanish Onions – those delicate, sweet, round yellow onions are best planted from onion sets. They need well-drained and composted soil, full sun, and nitrogen fertilizer. The more water the onions retain, the sweeter they are, so a...

Is It Hard to Grow a Garden?

Mar 16, '201 comment

The short answer is sometimes, but the rewards can be delicious, nutritious and inspiring. There are as many different flower, fruit and vegetable varieties as there are different kinds of gardeners . . . from the ones that till and fertilize soil, weed, plant, water and stake the plants to...

Deer Food Plots: Part II - How to Best Use Deer Food Plots

Jun 14, '19

How to Use Deer food Plots Nutritious, Delicious Deer Food Plots Make for Delicious, Nutritious Venison With summer approaching, now is the perfect time to plan deer food plots for deer foraging on your property. Deer food plots are best planted in small sections, throughout your property so deer will...

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Deer Food Plots: Part I - Deer Food Plot Calendar

May 20, '191 comment

Deer Food Plot Calendar Careful planning and preparation go a long way toward attracting deer to your land. Deer food plots should be located so that bucks, does and fawns feel safe, ideally bordering a protective thicket or a copse of trees, away from roadways and homes. Soil should be...

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Spring Fertilizing Tips

Apr 12, '19

Spring Fertilizer Tips from Laura   Laura walks us through the best ways to fertilize trees, shrubs, perennials in early spring. Always make sure you see some growth on your plants before you give it any fertilizer. When Gardening, always begin with the soil. Organic fertilizer “feeds the soil that feeds...