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How to Plant Grass Seed

Jun 10, '20

Basic Information about Grass and Seeds Earlier this spring, I tossed handfuls of leftover grass seed on the bare patches of my suburban lawn and expected to wait a few weeks and have a luxurious lawn that would be the envy of the neighborhood – green, lush, free of weeds....

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Gardening Challenges

Jun 8, '20

In the middle of winter, when we’ve been stuck inside for months, it is easy to get excited about gardening. On that first warm day of spring, everyone is outside and ready to enjoy seeing nature come back to life. That feeling almost always sparks people’s interest in starting a...

Garden Showcase

May 28, '201 comment

Spring of 2020 has been an interesting one, to say the least, but one thing we can always be thankful for is gardening! This summer, we would like to give you the opportunity to share your gardening journey, as well as bring the community together during these trying times. Every...

6 Popular Crops for Home Gardens

Apr 17, '20

Here are some great crops that thrive in Lancaster’s climate and soil: Spanish Onions – those delicate, sweet, round yellow onions are best planted from onion sets. They need well-drained and composted soil, full sun, and nitrogen fertilizer. The more water the onions retain, the sweeter they are, so a...

Is It Hard to Grow a Garden?

Mar 16, '201 comment

The short answer is sometimes, but the rewards can be delicious, nutritious and inspiring. There are as many different flower, fruit and vegetable varieties as there are different kinds of gardeners . . . from the ones that till and fertilize soil, weed, plant, water and stake the plants to...